Camino Organic Cocoa Powder

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Camino Organic Cocoa Powder, Chocolate

The Dutch-processed cocoa powder is ideal for all your favourite recipes.

This cocoa powder is treated with an alkali (1–3% potassium carbonate) to neutralize the acidity and bitterness, raising the pH levels to create a smooth flavour and deep, rich colour.

97% Cacao

Sourced from the Dominican Republic.

Camino products are produced by La Siembra Co-operative.  The worker-owners of La Siembra Co-operative, are committed to a model of equitable trade rooted in co-operation and the social solidarity economy. They offer consumers high-quality ethical products through partnerships with producer co-operatives that foster sustainable livelihoods and community development. They believe in meaningful, dignified employment and are guided by the co-operative principles, by fair trade principles and by a sincere respect for the environment.

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