About Us

Villages Port Colborne 
7 Clarence Street, Port Colborne, Ontario, L3K 3E7 
(905) 834-6292 

Villages Port Colborne is a non-profit organization that has been operated by Ten Thousand Villages International Relief since 1984. 

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our mission

"Promote and Encourage our community to support the livelihoods of producers, farmers and artisans from marginalized communities around the globe through ethical and fair trade practices”

To seek to bring justice, hope and peace to people who are marginalized; 

To trade with artisan and producer groups who pay fair wages and demonstrate genuine concern for their members and the environment

To acquire and market quality crafts and products as a means of assisting the employment of financially under-privileged artisans and producers

To market products that reflect and reinforce rich international cultural traditions, that are innovative, environmentally conscious, and appealing to our clientele

To minimize our environmental footprint by utilizing resources carefully and wisely

To nurture our volunteers who work in our store and support our values

To reinvest net revenue in projects that support other non-profit organizations with similar values & objectives.

To seek to increase local market share for fairly traded products by encouraging our customers to learn about fair trade, to share our message and to appreciate artisans’ cultural heritage