Jewellery Stand Metallic - India

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Metallic Jewellery Stand

Keep your jewelry organized with this snazzy stand from Tara Projects. With new opportunities to earn sustainable income, artisans working with Tara Projects are transforming their lives and their communities.

  • Metal and marble stone
  • Design consists of two gold colored metal framework sections (one taller and one shorter) centrally attached to a white marble stone base with a carved inset area in the center of the base.
  • The taller metal framework section has four horizontal posts (8.25cmL) with rounded ends attached at the center of each post to a perpendicular post (20cmL) with a vertical post (29cmL) on each end of the perpendicular post that attaches to the marble base; Taller metal framework overall: 19.5cmL x 8.25cmW x 29cmH; The shorter metal framework section has three horizontal and open diamond shapes (3.8cmL x 3.8cmW) with a vertical post (8.9cmL) on each end that attaches to the marble base; Shorter metal framework overall: 15.25cmL x 3.8cmW x 8.9cmH
  • Handcrafted in India



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