Coasters Bunyaad Rug Assorted Designs - Pakistan

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Bunyaad Mug Rug Coaster Assorted Designs

There's even a rug for your coffee table! Keep the heat in the mugs and add a conversation piece while you're at it. Bunyaad means foundation in Urdu. Bunyaad Oriental Rugs creates strong foundations in over 100 villages near Lahore, Pakistan. This organization is preserving the rich cultural heritage of rugmaking, enabling artisans to make their own artistic and technical decisions. From the watercolor plan to the choice of fiber, colours, number of knots, a beautiful heirloom-quality carpet is created. Artisans are provided with looms in their homes; rugmaking is the main source of family income. Adults are paid a fair living wage, per knot, which fuels creativity and produces quality rather than speed. Adequate shelter, good health care, and education result building hope for the community. Today there are 800 girls attending the Bunyaad Girls High School. Half of the artisans are Christian, half are Muslim. This organization fosters respect as people recognize that despite religious differences, they are all human with the same basic needs. The fibers used in the rugs are wool, cotton, and silk. Colours are created from hand-gathered natural dyes, synthetic dyes, and commercially produced natural dyes. When you purchase a beautiful Bunyaad rug you are supporting lives, culture, and education for over 850 families in Pakistan.


Length: 5" (Inches)

Width: 5" (inches)


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