Book Mindful Kids Activity Deck

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Written byWhitney Stewart
Illustrated byMina Braun

Introducing Mindful Kids, the one-of-a-kind mindfulness activity deck for kids age 4 to 104! Make any moment mindful from morning to night with 5 categories of cards, designed to fit into each part of the day. Whimsical full-color illustrations on both sides of the cards provide easy-to-follow steps for each practice. The cards and 8-page instructional booklet include tips for children of a wide range of abilities, making this deck an inclusive tool for nurturing inner peace and strength.

  • Product Dimensions: Box: 5.5 x 7.25 x 1.24 inches; Cards: 4.96 x 6.97 in
  • Page Count: 50 cards + 8-page booklet
  • Age Range: Ages 4 years and up
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