Wind Chime Spiral Capiz Shell - Phillipines

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Delicate slices of capiz make for a gentle chime. The Spiral Capiz Shell Wind Chime is handcrafted by artisans working with our fair trade partner SAFFY, Inc in the Philippines. Artisans wash and soak the thin shells before cutting them into shapes in a delicate and labor‒intensive process. Shells hang in a spiral in an ombre color variation from smoky cream to blue to green.


  • Materials: ratan, nylon string, capiz shell
  • Shells are delicate. Indoor use or sun‒protected outdoor use is recommended. Protect from strong winds.
  • 23" from ratan hoop to bottom shell. Additional 4" of hanging string above ratan hoop.
  • Handcrafted in the Philippines

Artisan Story

SAFFY, Inc. stands for Social Action for Filipino Youth. SAFFY, Inc. markets handmade crafts for many small artisan workshops, and specializes in capiz shell items. Artisans benefit from educational seminars, vocational training, financial and medical assistance. An in-house Product Designer assists artisan groups in the development of new product lines. SAFFY was founded in 1966 by Sr. Juliaan Mullie, a Belgian nun, to create alternative sources of livelihood for impoverished women and youth in marginalized areas of Manila. It expanded to serve communities in need by launching social development programs. SAFFY, Inc. is a member of the WFTO, and is affiliated with Advocate of Philippine Fair Trade, Inc., Asia Fair Trade Forum and Philippine Fair Trade Forum. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased a wide variety of capiz ornaments and crafts from SAFFY, Inc. since 1986. SAFFY provides marketing and export services to about 70 artisan workshops. SAFFY provides employment for more than 1,000 people, including 40 workers in its own production unit.

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