Mood Lamp Shadow Garden - Bangladesh

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The soft light that emanates from this playful lamp casts an imaginative shadow landscape for a child's room. Handcrafted by Shuktara Handmade Paper Project artisans with Prokritee in Feni, Bangladesh. They cut out a garden of branches and birds in bamboo and translucent silk paper with great skill - a beautiful way to end the day with stories inspired by light.


  • Materials: Silk paper, bamboo
  • Measures: 7"SQ x 14"H
  • Colours: White, pale lavender, blue
  • Care: Dust clean
  • Notes: Use up to 40W bulb. Not included.
  • Handcrafted in Bangladesh

Artisan Story:

Prokritee (meaning "nature" in Bengali) manages several handicraft enterprises and helps other groups sell their products in local and foreign markets. Prokritee and its enterprises provide jobs for poor rural women. By providing jobs for women, Prokritee improves women’s standard of living and helps them send their children to school. The organization provides skills development training to artisans. Prokritee creates and promotes income–generating projects that benefit the artisans, adhere to good safety and environmental standards, and have the potential to become self–reliant. Prokritee was established in 2001 as an independent organization.

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