Basket Market Sari Wrapped Coil - Nepal

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Large sari wrapped coil market basket bag with two coil straps to wear over your shoulder.  This new style uses thicker cord for a wider coil look- assorted saris provide a great variety of colours and patterns, each one unique!


  • 10” wide and 10” tall.
  • Recycled sari material
  • Each one is unique - if ordered online we will choose one for you
  • Handcrafted in Nepal

Artisan Story

Due to its remote location, the Sertung Artisans of Ganesh Himal Trading had to be creative with the raw materials used for products made by this group. The materials used to make their products are primarily recycled and are transported on the backs of the villagers over a two day mountain trek to their community.  Lack of tools and electricity create another obstacle to producing products. Determined to provide economic opportunity to women in this village following the devastating earthquake of April 2015,  Ganesh Himal Trading combined simple skill with beautiful detail to make a variety of products!

About Us

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