Wrapped Wire Birds Mini Antiqued - India

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Introducing our charming Mini Antique Wire Birds, handcrafted by the skilled artisans at Johra & Bohra Handicrafts in Behat, Uttar Pradesh, India. These delightful wire birds add a touch of whimsy to any space, making them a perfect addition to your home decor or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.


  • Made from reclaimed metal wire
  • Frame is soldered for durability
  • Wire is wrapped around frame
  • Coated in a protective layer
  • Size: 3" L x 4" H

Artisan Story

The talented artisans at Johra & Bohra Handicrafts specialize in wrapped wire and metal craft, creating a wide range of products, including our popular wrapped wire Snowmen, Birds, and Angels. Khalil Ahmed, the business owner, started this venture out of necessity 8 years ago with his three brothers. After partnering with a local NGO and embracing fair trade principles, Khalil has since been able to provide steady work, fair wages, and good working conditions for his 10 employees.

How It's Made: The process of making wrapped wire products starts with a metal form that is soldered together by the artisans. Once the form is approved, the artisans wrap the wire around the frame to create the desired shape and final product. Each piece can be dipped in various colors to create vibrant and unique decor items.

In addition to our wrapped wire products, these artisans also make our best-selling Flex Bowls. Their skilled hands wrap the wire and bend metal to form flexible bowls, perfect for holding fruits, cookies, breads, and more.

Mira Fair Trade was founded in 2008 by Meera Viswanathan to help artisans earn fair wages and preserve dying arts and crafts. By partnering with the Fair Trade Federation and community organizations, Mira Fair Trade empowers women and underprivileged artisans, promoting long-term sustainability and economic independence through the Fair Trade model. They offer customers a wide variety of eclectic and unique home decor products made ethically with many recycled materials.

About Us

Villages Port Colborne is located along the shore of the Niagara Peninsula. Where the Welland Canal and Lake Erie meet, in the heart of Port Colborne, we have been fair trade since 1984. We carry unique, handcrafted goods that are ethically made from artisans around the world. If you're in the Southern Ontario area, we welcome you to visit us in-person!

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