Tea Friendship Decaf Earl Grey Two Pack 36 Sachets

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Tea Friendship Decaf Earl Grey 100g 36 sachets

Enjoy the most fragrant and satisfying cup of Decaffeinated Earl Grey, made with a blend of pure and organic bergamot oil from southern Italy with the finest organically grown black tea. A blend of delicate flavours, this delicious achievement is a delight to the senses, Decaf Earl Grey’s deep bronze infusion brings citrusy bergamot to your palate, captivating and leaving you inspired and coming back for more.

Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified and organic decaffeinated teas, organic bergamot oil.

Decaf Earl Grey contains 98% Fair Trade ingredients by dry weight.

Did you know? The tea bag paper might be slightly discoloured from the pure bergamot oil - this is perfectly natural.

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