Wool Dryer Ball Duck - Nepal

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Reduce waste in your laundry routine with our Eco Friendly Wool Dryer Ball featuring a hand-felted duck design. Each dryer ball is unique due to its handmade nature. Artisans create the duck by poking the different colored wool into the base using tiny needles. Sustainable dryer balls are a natural alternative to dryer sheets, leaving your clothes soft and wrinkle-free and reducing drying time. Add fragrance to your clothes by scenting the dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils! Join the eco-friendly movement and upgrade your laundry game. Made in Nepal by women artisans with Nuptse, a workshop that is supported by New SADLE.


  • Materials: Felted wool
  • Measures: 3"D
  • Colors: Cream, yellow, black
  • Hand crafted in Nepal

Artisan Story:

New SADLE takes its name from "New Skill and Development Learning Experience." New SADLE is a not-for-profit training and employment program for artisans who have had leprosy or polio, who have other disabilities, or who are socially disadvantaged. The organization offers free medical treatment to artisans and provides handicraft skills that can lead to financially sustainable jobs, important in a society where people with leprosy are often shunned and forced to beg. New SADLE encourages artisans to return to their homes, and provides rent and child allowances to enable integration into society. Artisans receive free day-care and schooling up to grade 12 for their children. New SADLE runs a medical center, two mobile health clinics, a hospital and two homes for people who cannot work and who have no family. 

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