Prayer Flag Set of 25 - Nepal

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Hand block printed Tibetan Windhorse prayer flag set of 25. Windhorse prayer flags are traditionally hung by Tibetans in high places to catch the wind so that the prayer will be carried out to bless all sentient beings. The prayer is intended to bring blessings and good fortune to the world and translates as:

“May the rain fall at the proper time. May the crops and livestock be bountiful. May there be freedom from illness, famine and war. May all beings be well and happy”.

There are 5 different colors representing 5 primary elements:
Blue: sky White: air Red: fire Green: water Yellow: earth.

These prayer flag sets come with a card denoting the most auspicious and inauspicious days to hang these according to the Tibetan calendar.


  • 25 flags
  • Each flag is 10” by 10”
  • Length of strand is 20 feet long
  • Handcrafted in Nepal

Artisan Story

At the heart of Ganesh Himal Trading is long term partnerships that empower each partner. They are committed to respectful and long term partnerships with:

  • the families, businesses, and projects that they partnered with over 30 years, prioritizing them by securing their work before adding new producer groups,
  • Their staff in Spokane and in Nepal providing work that enhances their security, growth, and well being,
  • Their retail partners, many of whom have been customers for over twenty years,
  • Our planet, which gives without question and deserves the same care in return,

They believe that building long lasting relationships based on trust, dialogue and mutual respect is key to community building and helps move us toward a more equitable future.

Striving for economic justice is where their business began. When Ganesh Himal Trading was established, they decided to seek out producer groups that worked with marginalized individuals (e.g. women and Tibetan refugees) so they could gain access to trading relationships for economic mobility. This has led to years of partnering with women producers to co-create a world where women have control over their money, are empowered to make their own decisions and have a respected voice in all discussions. Overall, they believe that trade is interrelational and that access to trading relationships is key to enhancing people’s lives and traditions. THey have also committed to facilitating solutions to other economic barriers (i.e. healthcare, education) through their non-profit, Conscious Connections Foundation.

About Us

Villages Port Colborne is located along the shore of the Niagara Peninsula. Where the Welland Canal and Lake Erie meet, in the heart of Port Colborne, we have been fair trade since 1984. We carry unique, handcrafted goods that are ethically made from artisans around the world. If you’re in the Southern Ontario area, we welcome you to visit us in-person!

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