Ornament Upcycled Angel Assorted Colours (W/Y/R) - Guatemala

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These eco-friendly butterfly angel ornaments are handmade and Fair Trade. Their wings are made from recycled aluminum soda cans and they're outfitted in hand-woven Guatemalan fabric. Each sold separately. 2 1/2" W (wingspan) 2 1/2"H 


  • 2 ½” w - wingspan, 2 ½” high
  • Recycled aluminum wings
  • Assorted colours in 100% cotton.  If you order online we will choose the colour for you.
  • Handcrafted in Guatemala

Artisan Story:

UPAVIM is a group of 65 marginalized women artisans living near Guatemala City. Fair Trade sales provide sustainable incomes, a medical and dental clinic, an elementary school and daycare, 625 school scholarships, and much more. FTF member.

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