Banana Fibre Frog - Kenya

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Introducing our exquisite Kenyan Handcrafted Banana Fiber Frog!   Each piece is meticulously handmade by a skilled artisan in Kenya using sustainable banana fibers. 

A banana tree typically produces fruit for about 25 to 30 years. When a banana tree reaches the end of its fruiting period or becomes unproductive, it is usually cut down and removed from the field. However, there is an eco-friendly way to re-use the banana fibers for crafts, or fabrics. After mature banana plants are harvested, their outer stems are stripped to expose the inner fibers. The fibers are then cleaned and softened through processes like washing, boiling, or steaming. After softening, the fibers are spun into yarn or thread using manual or mechanized spinning methods. The spun fibers can be woven into fabrics, used for crafting baskets or ropes, or shaped into various items by skilled artisans. The resulting banana fiber products vary in texture, strength, and appearance based on the banana variety, processing techniques, and craftsmanship. Banana fiber is valued for its eco-friendly and sustainable nature.


Please note that each piece in this collection is absolutely unique, reflecting the natural materials used. The banana fibers exhibit a range of stunning golden to rich brown hues, showcasing the earthy beauty of the craft. As a result, the coloration may vary slightly from piece to piece, making your chosen frog truly one-of-a-kind.


  • Banana Fibre
  • Approximately 3” by 3”
  • Sold individually
  • Made in Kenya

Artisan Story

Artisans are working with It’s a Small World-Global, a Canadian based company out of Burlington, Ontario.  It’s a Small World  began just over 10 years ago to work with independent artisans and self-help community groups around the globe under Fair Trade principles.  This allows the artisans to expand into new markets in order to sell their goods outside of their local area.

About Us

Villages Port Colborne is located along the shore of the Niagara Peninsula. Where the Welland Canal and Lake Erie meet, in the heart of Port Colborne, we have been fair trade since 1984. We carry unique, handcrafted goods that are ethically made from artisans around the world. If you’re in the Southern Ontario area, we welcome you to visit us in-person!

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