Spice Wild Cardamom 15g - Cambodia

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Beyond its digestion benefits, Cardamom is widely used in cooking on white meats, with rice or vegetables. It is an exceptional ingredient for bread, desserts (gingerbread, rice pudding, yogurt-honey, jams) and accompanies traditional coffee in the Mediterranean basin.


  • Size:  15 g
  • Ingredients:  Wild Cardamom
  • Produced in Cambodia

Artisan Story

A family-owned and social company founded in 2013, in Kampot, Cambodia, La Plantation is an artisanal producer of high quality Cambodian spices, including the famous PGI Kampot Pepper. They produce the spices in small batches, following the natural harvesting rhythm of each plant and thus guarantee the freshness of their spices. La Plantation’s project is primarily social and benefits the rural community of Cambodia.  They select only small family farms that cultivate for them and deliver the fresh spices, which are then processed the same day in accordance with international standards of hygiene and food safety.  The organization has a special social project that allows hundreds of people to improve their living conditions and they financially support the schooling of village children, including professional training, job hunting, hygiene and health.

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