Speckled Ceramic Bowl - Nepal

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Speckled ceramic bowl:

The artfully asymmetrical Speckled Ceramic Bowl is hand-thrown, built, and painted by artisans working with Everest Pottery in Nepal. Everest Pottery is a family-based business located on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. Many of the artisans employed at Everest have come through Save Our Souls, an organization which provides housing and education to orphans and homeless. As the children become adults, they can attend the vocational school run by Save Our Souls and learn skills such as ceramics that will help them find employment in adulthood. Sana Hastakala is a Nepalese fair trade organization meaning “small handicraft.” The organization works withindependent producers, mainly women,in rural areas throughout the country.


Diameter: 7"

Height: 3"

Products are measured in inches and may vary slightly in size as each product is handcrafted and unique.


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