Soap Olive Oil w/ Lemon

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Who knew that soap can be a peacemaker! Sindyanna olive-oil soap is made in the West Bank city of Nablus according to traditional techniques using the finest natural olive oil. This hard bar soap is long-lasting, lathers well, and is very moisturizing. Great as a shampoo bar and dish soap bar as well!

Lemon soap contains natural fresh lemon juice, rich in Vitamin C. It is useful for fatty skin, helps preventing freckles or face spots. Lemon has a great power to protect the beauty of the skin, giving it a brighter and shiner look. 

Sindyanna stresses land preservation, environmental quality, women’s empowerment and women’s labour rights. Their staff consists of Palestinian and Israeli women who believe in a future of peace and prosperity for all people. Palestinian workers and farmers in the occupied territories today face enormous challenges. Sindyanna has put great effort into buying West Bank products with the aim of helping their economy and protecting their land. Handmade in Nablus, West Bank; packed in Galilee.  




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