Salad Servers Carved Wood Branch - Kenya

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Artfully carved from a single piece of wild olive wood using simple hand tools, this rustic pair of wooden salad servers showcase the beautiful natural wood-grain. Each serving piece has a tree branch handle design. Each piece is approximately 12 inches in length. Due to the hand carved nature, actual size may vary by up to an inch.


  • Natural Colour
  • Materials: ethically handmade in Kenya from wood.
  • Dimensions: 11 to 13 inches long; 2.5 inches to 3 inches wide.
  • Care: hand wash only. Periodically treat wood with food-grade mineral oil or olive oil to maintain their beauty and luster

Artisan Story

Global Crafts works with artisan groups in over 20 countries. Every item is handmade with skill and quality by artisans who earn sustainable livelihoods. Because of their fair trade partnerships, local communities benefit as more employment opportunities, education and development become stronger.

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