Polished Brass Singing Bowl (L)

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Polished brass singing bowl L :

This beautiful singing bowl combines two of Nepal's richest traditions, metalwork, and meditation. Singing bowls, and the ringing hum they create, help clear your mind, cleanse your heart, and comfort your soul. Handcrafted by makers from Sana Hastakala in Nepal, melt a mixture of metals and pour it into a mold. After the bowl cools, they grind and polish the bowl to make it shine. To make the bowl sing, first tap it, hold the smooth part of the stick upright against the bowl and move it slowly around the outside of the bowl in a circular motion, keeping firm contact with the bowl's surface. Sana Hastakala is a Nepalese fair trade organization meaning “small handicraft.” The organization works with independent producers, mainly women, in rural areas throughout the country.

Dimensions: (Inches)

Height: 3"

Diameter: 15"

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