Ocean Hemp Bracelets

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Ocean hemp bracelets:

The sound of the surf is never far away with these ocean-inspired bracelets. Bagdha Enterprises creates employment opportunities for women in Bagdha, a rural village in the south of Bangladesh. When Bagdha Enterprises was founded in 1982, Bagdha was extremely poor. The villagers did not have electricity or even enough food to survive. The fair trade group taught the women of Bagdha how to clean, sort, and spin jute and hemp into rope and twine. Jute and hemp, two common resources surrounding the village became a source of hope in the community. The artisans have since developed their skills to also make accessories and purses out of the rope and twine they create. With a regular income, these women can support their families and save to have a more secure future. The women can also afford to send their children to university. Bagdha enterprises created a sustainable way to lift this community out of poverty. By supporting this cause, it will continue to have a positive impact in the village.

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