Handwoven Rooster Egyptian Cotton Bedcover - Egypt

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The rooster motif can be found all throughout Ancient Egypt with its symbolism of being an ally of light and goodness. This cotton bedspread crafted by master women weavers in Akhmim, a town in the south of Egypt on the east bank of the Nile, which has flourished as a weaving center for over 4000 years. The edges are decorated with delicate fringes.

Get two different looks for your bed with a single bedspread; this bedcover is reversible, with a different dominant colour on each side. 


  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Approx. 160 W x 240 L cm
  • Suitable for a single-sized bed or as a throw
  • This cotton blanket can be used in the spring, summer or fall
  • Wash in cold water
  • Made in Egypt

Artisan Story

Akhmim WeaversThe Akhmim project is one of the development initiatives of the Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development (AUEED). This project gives the opportunity for girls and women to perpetuate a 4000 years old local textile industry by allowing them to weave traditional products and revive Coptic and Islamic designs from the region dating back to the 3rd century AD.                                                                                             
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