Good Luck Elephant Stone Sculpture - Pakistan

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Good Luck Elephant Stone Sculpture

Handcrafted from fossil stone. Dominion Traders (DT) is an export company in Pakistan that has been promoting the principles of Fair Trade since 1947. DT assists skilled stone and shesham wood artisans in finding markets for their products. DT operates its own workshop, employing more than 55 artisans, and works with as many as 20 other independent, small family-owned workshops. These workshops provide many jobs where other work opportunities are scarce. Based in Karachi, DT hires artisans regardless of religion or ethnicity. Employees receive fair wages, are employed in good working conditions, and are provided with profit-sharing, pension plans, and medical care. They also offer interest-free loans and advances to those who are in need. The artisans carve the onyx into bowls, animals, candlesticks, bookends, lamps, and boxes taking advantage of the natural colors and grains. The woodcarvers create beautiful pieces using shesham wood and intricately carved patterns.

Dimensions: (Inches)

Length: 3"

Width: 2"

Height: 6"


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