Golden Sugar 1kg - Paraguay

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Minimally-refined sugar made from cane juice. Its delectable taste will transform your baked goods, coffee and tea into sweet flavour sensations.

  • Certified organic
  • Fairtrade certified
  • Certified kosher

This sugar is produced in Paraguay by family farmers who are part of the Manduvirá co-operative.  The Manduvirá co-operative has grown to 1,450 farmers who own and operate their own mill. 

In addition to the benefits of processing and directly selling their crops, co-op members also benefit from Fair Trade premiums. Manduvira invests Fair Trade premiums in initiatives such as medical and dental services (available to the entire community, not just co-op members), uniforms and school supplies for farmers’ families, crop diversification, and technical support for members through agricultural training and a local radio station. The co-op also distributes 50 percent of Fair Trade premiums as cash payments to farmers to support them between harvests when incomes are at their lowest. These payments allow farmers to pay for household needs, such as food and educational costs.

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