Candleholder Fiery Sands - West Bank Palestine

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Through the generational skill of glass blowing, recycled glass pieces are melted and reimagined into fresh works of art like the Fiery Sands Candleholder. Red, with unique swirls of blue, teal and white, each piece is one‒of‒a‒kind. The accompanying portion of sand can be poured into the bottom to assist in supporting and leveling the tea light you place inside to illuminate each swirl of crafstmanship in this Phoenician glass piece.

Materials: Phoenician glass - Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, and the recycled materials present, variations in shade and design are to be expected. - 3"Dx4"H - Includes small bag of sand to pour into candleholder. Rest tea light in sand.

Handcrafted in West Bank

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