Soko Home

OKO home is our founder Krista Molson’s passion project. The culmination of a wonderful journey that began in the villages of Ethiopia, where she and her husband adopted their two young children.

During her time in Ethiopia, Krista witnessed artisans coming together in art cooperatives creating beautiful wares with skill, energy and love. She was humbled by the importance of their work to support themselves and their families, but also as a way of preserving their community, cultural heritage and natural surroundings.

Seeing how artisans relied on local networks for their empowerment and well-being, Krista decided to actively get involved. With the support of international partners, leveraging her experience as a designer and building on an ethos of commitment, fairness and respect for the environment, SOKO home was born.

Inspired by the same sense of community Krista experienced in Ethiopia, SOKO home connects you to African artisans from across the continent. All our collections include unique handmade pieces created with local and renewable material. Every item sourced and curated by SOKO home has been ethically made.

We hope that when you enter our SOKO, you feel the pride and purpose behind each individual piece and know that you have contributed to the development and prosperity of African communities.