Lost Horizons Laundromat

Laundromat is a Fair Trade knitwear label based in Quebec, Canada and Kathmandu, Nepal. We have been hand-crafting pure New Zealand wool sweaters and knitted accessories in partnership with Nepali artisans since 1993.

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality natural wool, eco-friendly dyes and handmade trimmings. Laundromat knitwear is made to last. 

In 2020, we welcomed a new brand, Lost Horizons, to the Laundromat family, and in 2021 we merged brands under the name Lost Horizons.

Lost Horizons is a collection of hand-knitted and embroidered winter accessories exclusively for women. Rich colors, luxurious textures and feminine designs that showcase skilled hand-embroidery define the range.

With a 30-year history of partnering with women in Nepal, Lost Horizons brand has always shared our philosophy and mission. We are honored to have inherited this legacy and to be able to extend our reach by employing Lost Horizons’ team of over 600 artisans, most of them women from the Kathmandu Valley. Like Laundromat, Lost Horizons is fully accredited by the Fair Trade Federation of North America.