Level Ground

Level ground Trading trades fairly and directly with 5000 small-scale farmers in 10 countries. We import coffee, tea, dried fruit, cane sugar, vanilla beans, rice, spices, and coconut oil. At home in Victoria, BC, we send nothing to landfill, pay staff to bicycle to work and reclaim our packaging for upcycling and composting.

It started with small-scale coffee farmers in Colombia and now the work of many small-scale farmers supports their communities in a variety of ways.

  • In Colombia, kids get uniforms so they can attend school.
  • In Peru, farmers receive education so they can cultivate healthy, organic food.
  • In D.R. Congo, communities access vaccinations to stop the spread of disease.
  • Educational scholarships for over 200 students each year!
  • A Colombian company was formed to produce dried fruit and cane sugar and provide positive employment for displaced women.
  • Trade relationships were started with; small-scale tea growers in India, heirloom rice farmers in the Philippines and finally with spice farmers in Sri Lanka

The impact of fair trade looks different in every trade relationship. It is tailored to the needs of the different farming communities; healthcare benefits, schools scholarships, agricultural technical training, and co-op projects.