Handcrafted by women in the Himilayas, your purchase provides them with fair wages for their work. Every time you purchase Fazl, you are helping to provide orphaned and destitute children in India with food, shelter, education, and clothing.

Fazl works with skilled women who are financially struggling. Their knitwear and handloom collections are made from designs indigenous to the Himalayan people and Mizo people, respectively. Fazl loves supporting beautiful traditions. Himalayan artisans pass their designs from mother to daughter.

FAZL is committed to supporting orphanages in India that care for vulnerable children, and Fazl dedicates 50% of net profits to this cause. Fazl also provides dignified work opportunities for women in need.

FAZL believes in empowering all people to live according to their own local standards of wellbeing, happiness, and dignity. They strive to provide sustainable solutions to poverty and believe every act of consumerism counts!