Bamboo Textile Hanger (medium)

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Able to hang up to 50 cm wide. Adjustable centre hook.

Craft Link is a Vietnamese not – for – profit Fair trade organization Craft Link’s objective: • Help craft producers, especially the poor, to improve their livelihoods through craft production and marketing. • Help to revive and promote traditional culture and skills • Educate the public about handicraft producers and their products All groups with which Craft Link works meet basic criteria such as fair wages, environmental and employee safety. Craft Link is supporting 63 ARTISAN GROUPS all over Vietnam, in which: - 45% are ethnic minorities - 25% are disadvantaged groups - 30% are traditional villages Craft Link is committed to working with producers who need our services and uses profits to assist in new project activities, including different trainings to the artisans. Craft Link is committed to treating all of its handicraft artisans fairly and providing markets for their products through its shops, bazaars and export.


Width: 27"

Height: 3"

Products are measured in inches and may vary slightly in size as each product is handmade and unique.


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