Bag Cuerina Cloth

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Bag, Cuerina Cloth.

Cotton woven on a traditional backstrap loom yields an authentic pattern that has come to represent the richness of Guatemalan culture. This is the very same fabric that would have been used for a traditional Guatemalan skirt. Enjoy the authenticity of this material in a purse with secure zippers and a convenient cell phone pocket inside, perfect for carrying the essentials.

  • Recycled fabric, vegan leather
  • 25cm sq
  • Handcrafted in Guatemala by artisans working with Ruth and Naomi
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, slight variations enhance authenticity.

The weaving cooperative Ruth and Naomi is located in Chontola, near Chichicastenango. The project emerged out of the terror and desperation of Guatemala’s civil war. With some help a group of widows banded together to support their families through sales of the community’s traditional woven crafts. Of the initial group of 18 women, all had lost husbands, fathers, or both to the government’s “scorched earth” policy of the 1980s. Scholarships make it possible for teens to complete high school in Chichicastenango while living in the project compound. Some have gone on to complete university degrees. The project has also started a health and nutrition center.



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